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Account Logon and Payments

As of June 25th, we will be dropping support for outdated encryption methods.

This will result in older computers and web browsers being unable to access our site.

For more information, see our page regarding Dropping Early TLS Support.

Automatic Bank Draft

Davidson Water, Inc. offers a convenient Automatic Bank Draft Option for our customers. The Automatic Bank Draft Option not only saves you the cost of postage, but ensures that your bill is paid on time. With the Auto-Draft option you will still receive your monthly bill detailing the monthly charges. Your bill will also show the amount, and the date, that will be drafted from your bank account each month.

To sign up for this service you can stop by our office and fill out a form. You can also print out a copy of the Auto-Draft form, fill it out and send it to our office with a voided check attached. Then just look for the printed statement on your water bill to let you know when the first automatic payment will begin. Your monthly statement will let you know the amount to deduct from your bank account.

You may discontinue your payments from being automatically drafted at any time by notifying our office in writing. If you have any further questions about this payment option, please contact our office.

PDF Readers/Viewers

To view our online .pdf documents, you’ll need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. There are several options available for free on the internet. Below are links to some of the more commonly used PDF viewers.