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Troubleshooting High Water Pressure

If you are experiencing high water pressure, your problem should revolve around the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). The PRV is usually a bell-shaped device, and is most often found where the line enters the building (although it may possibly reside at other locations).

  • No PRV: While a plumber should have installed a PRV in situations where the pressure is around 70 psi or higher, there may be circumstances where the PRV never was installed. If this is the case, have a PRV installed and then adjust it if necessary.
  • Improperly Adjusted PRV: An improperly adjusted PRV will not reduce the system pressure to a desirable level. Usually the reduced pressure should be around 70 psi. If the PRV is set too high, use the adjustment screw on the PRV to reduce the downstream pressure. Warning: improper adjustment could result in water leaks or pipe failure.
  • Malfunctioning PRV: A malfunctioning PRV can possibly not restrict the pressure enough. If the adjustment screw on the PRV doesn’t seem to reduce the pressure, the PRV likely needs to be replaced.