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Do You Store My Credit Card Information When I Pay Online?

When you pay online, your payment information is actually processed by an online payment processor we have chosen. This allows us to avoid storing credit card information, and therefore places the processor in charge of handling your credit card data. Since this is their business background, and area of expertise, they are better suited to handle, and secure, this type of information.

Some customers have expressed the desire for their credit card number to be stored so they don’t have to key it in again when they make their next payment. Given the fact that we do not physically use the card information ourselves we do not store it, so there’s no way to retrieve it at a later time. Not storing this information protects you, as well as other cardholders. Some companies may choose otherwise but, with the knowledge that security breaches are becoming more of a concern, there is no real reason to store your credit card information if it's not being used.

Does this mean you’ll always have to type in the credit card number? No. If convenience is a paramount concern of yours, you can merely use third party browser add-ons to assist you. These tools are freely available on the internet, and they’re offered for nearly every browser. These tools store information, such as credit card numbers, you type on your computer. This keeps the credit card number in your possession, which enhances your protection.

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