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Rates and Service Charges
Current Water Rate Schedule
Gallons UsedRate*
Over 2,0004.75
*Rate per thousand gallons except for minimum, and includes Water Loss Protection Plan
How To Use The Rate Schedule

A minimum monthly bill is $13.35 and includes up to 2,000 gallons of water. Take a monthly reading of 6,000 gallons as an example.

Notice that at 6,000 gallons you are in the 4.75 bracket where after 2,000 gallons, water is $4.75 per thousand gallons. First you take the minimum bill rate, then take $4.75 and multiply it times 4 (which is how many thousand gallons you are over 2,000 gallons). This gives you $19.00. Finally add the two figures together ($19.00 + 13.35) and you have your monthly water bill, in this case it would be $32.35

Structured Minimum Bills
Meter SizeIncluded GallonsMinimum Bill*
3/4 in. Meter0-2,00013.35
1 in. Meter0-5,00028.35
1-1/2 in. Meter0-10,00053.35
2 in. Meter0-20,000103.35
3 in. Meter0-50,000253.35
4 in. Meter0-75,000378.35
6 in. Meter0-150,000753.35
8 in. Meter0-250,0001,253.10
*Minimum amount includes Water Loss Protection Plan
Fire Line Connections
Line SizeMonthly Fee
3 in.6.00
4 in.8.00
6 in.12.00
8 in.16.00
10 in.20.00
12 in.24.00
Connection Fees
Tap SizeFee*
3/4 in. Taps1,750.00
1 in. Tap3,700.00
1-1/2 in. Tap7,350.00
2 in. Tap9,750.00
*All new accounts require a separate $50.00 membership fee.
This amount is included in the connection fee above.
Service Charges
Phone Payment Convenience Fee2.00
Same Day Service (Before 4:00pm on a Business Day)25.00
Same Day Service (From 4:00-5:00pm on a Business Day)50.00
Reconnection Fee (Before 4:00pm on a Business Day)25.00
Reconnection Fee (From 4:00-7:00pm on a Business Day)50.00
Reconnection Fee (From 7:00-9:00pm on a Business Day)75.00
Reconnection Fee (Before 9:00pm on a Non-Business Day)75.00
Meter Tampering (Add Normal Service Charge)50.00