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Previously Awarded Scholarships

Since its inception in 2002, Davidson Water has awarded numerous scholarships to High School Seniors preparing to graduate and attend the college of their choice. Below is a list of those who have received a scholarship previously. For information on how to apply for the Davidson Water Scholarship program, see our Scholarship Page.

AwardedRecipientGraduated From
May 2022Angel BurnsCentral Davidson High School
 Bryson YoungEast Davidson High School
 Carson ShoafWest Davidson High School
 Emily StambaughWest Davidson High School
 Morgan CooleyWest Davidson High School
 Paris GriffinWheatmore High School
 Salem WardCentral Davidson High School
 Tianna SteedWest Davidson High School
May 2021Alison WrayEast Davidson High School
 Emily NifongOak Grove High School
 Isabel CribbsWheatmore High School
 Jacob PhelpsWest Davidson High School
 Logan RogersWheatmore High School
 MacKenzie MarshEast Davidson High School
 Madison MillerEast Davidson High School
 Savannah RouthOak Grove High School
May 2020Addison ParrishTrinity High School
 Alena TyreCentral Davidson High School
 Carmen DavisWest Davidson High School
 Jacob NifongLedford High School
 Kaleb BrownNorth Davidson High School
 Kealey WilliamsonEast Davidson High School
 Marris MeyerLedford High School
 Mohamed AliWest Davidson High School
May 2019Emily MooreCentral Davidson High School
 Ethan CollettEast Davidson High School
 Holly JoynerEast Davidson High School
 Landon NoblesEast Davidson High School
 Leslie MirandaEast Davidson High School
 Lucas AntinoriLexington High School
 Parker ShoafWest Davidson High School
 Robby JoynerEast Davidson High School
May 2018Ethan BealWest Davidson
 Khali Maxfield-DavisNorth Davidson
 Mary NebrichWest Davidson
 Susana RamirezWest Davidson
March 2017Ian VickersWheatmore
 Kelly CrispWest Davidson
 Kelsey HooverLedford
 Kyleigh MillerNorth Davidson
March 2016Gibson CaudillLedford
 Madison ArmstrongWest Davidson
 Megan OgleCentral Davidson
 Patience HuntWest Davidson
March 2015Alynna SummitWest Davidson
 Chelsea FryeLedford
 Elizabeth ShoafWest Davidson
 Stephanie GrayNorth Davidson
March 2014Breana Smith South Davidson
 Coty Berrier West Davidson
 Dustin Sloop Central Davidson
 Jennifer Louya Ledford
March 2013Katherine ShoafWest Davidson
 Lauren TurnerEast Davidson
 Morgan FraleySouth Davidson
 Paige FulkNorth Davidson
March 2012Bradley EverhartNorth Davidson
 Jordan ShiptonWest Davidson
 Todd FriedrichWest Davidson
 Zachary AnthonySouth Davidson
March 2011Brandilynn JonesWest Davidson
 Dewey MullisLedford
 Kathryn TurnerLexington
 Sarah BlumSheets Memorial
March 2010Alayna WardLedford
 Christian PodgayskyCentral Davidson
 Heather JenkinsEast Davidson
 Taylor MaysCentral Davidson
March 2009Emily AlbrightEast Davidson
 Emily DarrLedford
 Matthew SechlerWest Davidson
 Shawn SwingWest Davidson
March 2008Calli ClearyNorth Davidson
 Courtney HuntEast Davidson
 Mollie WoodellWest Davidson
 Tanner RivasCentral Davidson
March 2007Ashley HulinCentral Davidson
 Brandi WagnerWest Davidson
 Charles McDowell IVNorth Davidson
 Lauren VickNorth Davidson
March 2006Amanda AkersEast Davidson
 Catherine SmithCentral Davidson
 Jennifer McDonaldNorth Davidson
 Shaun BrinkleWest Davidson
March 2005Ashley ChildsWest Davidson
 Crystal BakerCentral Davidson
 Jennifer WilesNorth Davidson
 Nicholas HanesEast Davidson
March 2004Ashley JonesLedford
 Carrie FoxworthCentral Davidson
 Lindsay ThackerTrinity
 Lisa McKinneyEast Davidson
March 2003Carrie FoxworthLedford
 Erika Diane WalserWest Davidson
 Shannon Michelle MinterNorth Davidson
 Sotia Lim SengCentral Davidson
March 2002Amanda HauserTrinity
 April DuffyLedford
 Christine JonesCentral Davidson
 Jennifer ClarkNorth Davidson

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