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2013 Annual Report to Membership

The 40th annual meeting of the members of Davidson Water, Inc. was held in March of 2013, and over the years many improvements have been made to the water system.

We initially had a 2 mgd water plant providing service to 2,800 connections. We had 2 river pumps rated at 2 mgd each. One reservoir holding 12 mg, 2 raw water pumps rated at 2 mgd each, a .5 mg clearwell and 3 high service pumps rates at 1 mgd each. The distribution system had 200 miles of pipe ranging from 2” to 16”, 3 water tanks holding 1 mg, and 3 pump stations.

The water plant has been upgraded several times, from 2 mgd, to 4 mgd, to 6 mgd, to 8 mgd, to 12 mgd, to 20 mgd and we are putting online a new plant capable of providing 15 mgd and expandable to 40 mgd.

Plant upgrades coincided with growth, we now have 60,000 connections. We have added a new state of the art river intake capable of pumping 60 mgd into our reservoirs. This gives us a total of 85 mgd we can pump from the Yadkin River. The newest intake goes into the deepest part of the Yadkin. We have added raw water pump capacity giving us a total of 65 mgd pumping capacity.

We now have 3 reservoirs holding 160 mg. Our clearwell capacity has grown from .5 mg to 9 mg. Our high service pumping capacity is now 70 mgd. The distribution system now has 1,800 miles of pipe ranging from 2” to 36”. We have 27 water tanks holding 14,625,000 gallons and 19 pump stations having 49 pumps. We have 2 generators at our filtration plant and 6 generators located at pump stations and 5 portable generators that can be moved to a needed location. We also have 13 main control valves and 9 altitude valves. You can say “We’ve come a long way baby”.

After 40 years of service our General Manager, Gregg Stabler, will be retiring at the end of June. We thank Gregg for all his time, dedication, and service throughout the four decades he has been at the helm of Davidson Water, Inc.

Ron Sink, General Manager

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