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2011 Annual Report to Membership

The 38th annual meeting of the members of Davidson Water Inc. was held on March 14th, 2011. Davidson Water Inc. was formed from the consolidation of five water systems, North Davidson, West Davidson, Wallburg, Hasty and East Central Water. Each of these systems held their own individual annual meeting until consolidation in 1973. North Davidson, the oldest of the five systems, was chartered in 1967 and held its first annual meeting in 1969, shortly after water began being served to its members.

North Davidson provided water service to the Welcome, Midway, Arcadia, Reeds and Reedy Creek communities. West Davidson Water provided water service to Tyro, Churchland and Linwood communities. Wallburg Water provided water to the northeast area of Davidson County and into the southern part of Forsyth County and up against Guildford County. Wallburg, Abbotts Creek, Gumtree and other communities were included in the Wallburg service area. Hasty Water provided service to over 1,000 families in its service area and butted up to the City of Thomasville. East Central was the last system to be formed comprising the Holly Grove, Silver Valley, Fairgrove, Cedar Lodge communities and touching into Randolph County.

After the consolidation of the five systems in 1973 the system continued to grow. The Hwy 8, Southmont, Shirley areas of the county were added to the service area. Trinity, Hillsville, Flynt Hill and wholesale water to the City of Archdale followed. The Farmer, Jackson Creek area of Randolph County was added to the service area in the early 80’s. The Horneytown area in Forsyth County and the Glenola area in Randolph County were added to the service area in the 90’s. Both areas had water quality problems with well water.

Our service area now surrounds Thomasville and Lexington providing service to areas within their city limits. We have grown geographically as large as we will probably get. Our western boundary goes against the Yadkin River, our source. The northern boundary goes into the edges of Forsyth County. Our Eastern boundary goes up against High Point, Archdale, down 311 to the Glenola-Sophia area about seven miles from Asheboro on Hwy 64. Parts of the eastern boundary butts up to the Piedmont Triad Water Association system. To the south we butt up against Handy Sanitary District and the Town of Denton. Most of our growth in the last 20 years has come from within our service area with new subdivisions and new taps on existing lines. We continue to loop lines and upgrade lines to provide better service to our members. We have grown from 2,800 to over 58,000 connections. Truly “From small beginnings come great things.”

Phase I of our water plant upgrade, a new river intake, river pumps, raw water pumps and new reservoir are going well and should be completed by June of this year. Bids on Phase II of our water plant upgrade a new 15 mdg plant, 5 mg clearwell, 40 mgd flash mix, GAC contactors, sludge thickener and new high service pump station will be opened on March 30th. We are also upgrading and replacing lines on Cunningham, Mt. Zion, and Noahtown Roads, as well as upgrading our Lower Hasty Pump Station located on Old Greensboro Road. Other current projects include AMR (radio-read) meters, as well as migration of our distribution system to GIS.

At our annual meeting on March 12, 1984 at the Davidson County Courthouse in Lexington, R V Potter Jr. was elected to the Board of Directors of Davidson Water, Inc. Only two other Board members present at that meeting are still on the Board. Elected to the Board of Directors in 1984 along with R V Potter were C P Jilcott , Franklin Swing, Bennie Pugh and C Boyce Sink. Other Board members in 1984 were Numa Everhart, Fred Craver, Ernest Newton, Edwin Grimsley, J F Hanes, H Banks Sharpe, Therrell Grimes, Thad Hartley, as well as Danny Fitzgerald and John Greer who are still presently serve on the board. Thanks goes to you R V Potter for providing 27 years of dedicated service to our members of Davidson Water, Inc.

Gregg Stabler, General Manager

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