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What is the Water Loss Protection Plan?

As a member of Davidson Water, Inc. you are responsible for all water passing through the meter including normal usage, irrigation, waste, and leaks. Davidson Water recognizes the impact members experience from unexpected water loss due to water leaks. Thus, we are launching a new program to assist those who experience high water bills due to a water leak.

Effective January 1, 2017, Davidson Water will be assisting with high bills by adjusting two consecutive water bills back to an average bill. This adjustment is available one time in a 24 month period. The cost of this program is $0.50 per month for standard 3/4" meters, and is included in your new water rate. You may opt out of this program; however, if you decide to withdraw from the program you will not receive any assistance with high bills due to a leak. All repairs are still the responsibility of the member and proof of repair may be required for this adjustment. We will not reduce high bills due to water usage for swimming pool fill ups, irrigation, or misuse by the member.

Davidson Water is responsible for the distribution main near the street, the service connection to the meter, and the meter located near the street. The member’s responsibility begins at the connection to the water meter.

One defense of water loss is reviewing the water bill each month for consumption. Once a problem has been recognized the customer should locate the leak, and make repairs as needed in a timely manner. Monitoring your water consumption can minimize large water bills in the future and possible damage from water leaks.