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Member Responsibilities
  • Bill Payment by Due Date: Your water bill is due upon receipt, and will be delinquent 15 days after due date.
  • Allow Access to Meter: There should be a clear unobstructed path to your water meter at all times. Access to the meter should not be blocked by a fence. The customer may need access the meter as well to check for leaks. Also unfriendly dogs, and pets that create a hazard, should be locked up.
  • If Bill is High, Check Reading: We will recheck reading for a customer once in a 12 month period of time.
  • Report Leaks if Out at Road: You can use our online leak report page, or call us via the phone, if it’s during normal business hours. After hours, contacting us by phone will transfer you to our water plant, or you can leave a message.

  • Do Not Build Fires Around Meter Box: The meter box, or meter box lid, is often manufactured from plastic. When burning brush or leaves, you should keep the burning piles away from the meter box to avoid damage to the box or meter. Likewise, fires should never be built in the meter box in the event the line becomes frozen.
  • Keep Lid on Meter Box: The lid should remain on the meter box year round. If the lid is off of the box, the open hole could become a hazard for a mower or a vehicle. If the box would be run over by a car or mower with the lid off, the box could be damaged. In the winter, the lid helps retain ground heat in the meter box to help prevent freezing.
  • Report Water Theft or Tampering: Water theft harms customers by threatening fire protection, putting water quality at risk, raises the possibility of increased water bills for everyone, and the need for water use restrictions. If you see suspicious activity at a water meter or hydrant, report it to us.
  • Avoid Planting Trees or Shrubs Near Water Meter or the Associated Service Lines: Tree roots will grow over time and can damage water lines as they reach into the soil. Know how much room the trees you are planting will need, and allow adequate clearance for the roots to grow.
  • Make Sure Faucets and Spigots Are Off When a Reconnection is Scheduled: If your water is off due to you just moving in, or due to a recent cutoff for non-payment, make sure all of your faucets and spigots are off. If the meter doesn’t stop after the water service is restored, the water will be cut off again to avoid water damage inside the residence.
  • Familiarize Yourself With Your Linesetter: In the event your meter continues to run when water service is restored, and we turn it back off, you will need to turn the linesetter back on yourself. Between the meter and the road, you’ll find a valve that you can turn with an adjustable wrench. The valve will turn about 180 degrees, and then stop. Most linesetters will have an arrow on the valve that points towards the house when the linesetter valve is opened.

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